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All of our therapists are highly qualified and trained to provide you with tailored-made programs and treatments that include techniques and gestures drawn from traditional Chinese medicine, from Western and Eastern philosophies. In order to provide service excellence and the highest level of professionalism, Almablu devotes time and effort to the training of its Spa Team by entrusting its employees to experienced and certified trainers. The Team Almablu will be your guide on a sensory journey in pursuit of serenity and harmony, while offering discretion and professionalism.

Our Team

  • Development and Training Manager

    Giacomo Trivinini

    In the late ‘90s, after studying applied arts, he decided to expand his passion for the many different massage and treatment techniques derived from Eastern philosophies. After attending professional courses, many of them held by Prof. Dr. Maurizio Corradin, and specializing in On Zon Su reflexology and Classical Chinese Medicine techniques, he began teaching in schools and associations specialized in the popularization of Eastern philosophies’ approach to wellness. He has been working with Prof. Dr. Corradin at the development of exclusive protocols for several years, has cooperated in the publication of the book “Le tipologie energetiche e il loro riflesso nell’uomo” (Energy types and their effects on the individual) and has been a professional operator in bio-natural disciplines since 2009. He has also worked with Prof. Dott. Maurizio Corradin on the creation of the Lefay Spa Method. In addition to acting as developer, trainer and therapist for prestigious Italian Spa and Wellness center, he’s been training the therapists at Almablu Spa since 2015 and has contributed to the creation of the Wellness Menu.

  • Development and Training Manager

    Daniela Virgintino

    After completing her humanistic studies and working in the socio-pedagogical field, she began her journey in the beauty and wellness industry by completing a three-year training course in beauty therapy and subsequently specializing at the University of Ferrara. She has several years of work as a vocational teacher. She has partnered with some of the most prestigious Hotels and luxury day Spa in Italy as Spa Manager and Technical Director. A trainer in various eastern and western massage techniques and passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine, she worked alongside Prof. Dr. Maurizio Corradin in the establishment of the Lefay Spa Method and the publication of his book “Le tipologie energetiche e il loro riflesso nell’uomo” (Energy types and their effects on the individual), published by CEA. She is the author of the book “Spa Management: scegliere, gestire, lavorare nel benessere” (Spa management: choosing, managing and working in the Wellness industry) published by Tecniche Nuove. She’s been following for some time the International Spa Industry, particularly the American and Asian markets, and collaborates with various professional schools in the development of training programs for Advanced Spa Management. She acts as Spa Development, Consultant & Operations Manager for several Italian and international luxury Hotels. She’s been training the therapists at Almablu Spa since 2015 and has contributed to the creation of the Wellness Menu, among other things.

  • Spa Operation Manager

    Giulia Selero

    After graduating in Accounting and Cosmetology, she undertook professional training in the field of wellness with significant experiences in the spa and beauty industry.

    With Almar since 2014, she acquired the key techniques and methods of the Almablu philosophy during her time working as massage therapist, and later as receptionist at the Front Office, where she proved her skills and discretion in dealing with the Guests.

    In 2017, following a training course held by Dr. Virgintino, she took on the role of Spa Operations Manager, and currently manages the Almablu Team and the day-to-day operations of the Spa, with the goal of exceeding guests’ expectations and providing an experience of absolute wellbeing.

    She is very passionate about music and loves the violin, which she has been playing since the age of 6. Her favorite hobby is Latin American Dance.

  • Spa Therapist & Training coordinator

    Barbara Clara

    Her vocational diploma in wellness and beauty therapy allowed her to start her professional career in Spas and luxury wellness centers and to acquire specific Ayurvedic massage techniques, using hot stones and herbal pads. Curious and detail-oriented, she puts all of her energies into her job. She joined the Almablu Team in 2015 with the role of Spa Therapist and Training Coordinator. Her passions are music and her dog Roy, a beautiful American Staffordshire; but her biggest dream is to become a teacher of holistic and aesthetic disciplines.

  • Spa Therapist

    Jennifer Bartolotto

    Her studies in tourism and hospitality led her, over time, to develop a passion for spas and wellness centers. In 2016 she joined the Almablu Team with enthusiasm and professionalism, following a professional course of over two years and multiple work experiences in 5 star resorts and facilities. Passionate about Eastern cultures, especially feng shui and Chinese cuisine, she prefers to read crime novels and thrillers. Her favorite landscapes are the sea and nature in general.

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