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Pop-up Restaurant

Pop-up Restaurant


An innovative culinary experience for your evenings outdoors.

Our talented Executive Chef Salvatore Pullara has reached the pinnacle of creativity with Semplice, Almar’s latest addition: the impressive location, along with the four different themed menus, one for each evening, will create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable summer nights of food and wine.

Four different menus that will be impossible to resist and that will take you on a food and wine journey across Italy, North to South: a sensory experience that comes to life every evening, Thursday through Sunday.
The Chef will showcase local fare from two of the most flourishing Italian regions, Veneto and Sicily, as well as meat and seafood dishes. Four different themed nights will liven up your summer dinners on the new outdoor terrace immersed in the greenery, transformed into a preeminent location for an unforgettable moment of conviviality and flavors.

Aromas and flavors, accompanied by the pleasant sensations evoked by the summer season, will be revived by the Executive Chef’s ability to perfectly bring together simplicity and inventiveness, while keeping guests entertained at the live cooking station located on the terrace. In addition, our knowledgeable Maîtres will provide helpful recommendations for pairing wines and craft beers to your meal.

Allow yourself to be inspired and tempted by the innovative cuisine of Semplice during your vacation on the beachfront.

+39 0421 388111
Open every evening from Thursday to Sunday
Dinner: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Reservations required
Not included in the half board package

Four Nights

Traditional Recipes of Veneto…

The food from Veneto served on your table will be quintessentially Venetian: you won’t be able to resist our “cicchetti”, the appetizers for which the lagoon city is renowned. Sarde in saor (sweet and sour sardines), baccalà mantecato (creamed salt cod), artichoke hearts, egg with anchovy and many other “gems” of the most authentic Venetian cuisine will take you on a culinary adventure to explore the local traditions as you sip on a Spritz, the Venetian aperitif par excellence, made with white wine, Aperol, seltzer and a slice of orange. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a real “bacari tour”, alfresco from the comfort of our new summer terrace!

Welcome Aperol Spritz
Crisp battered sage leaves

Locally produced salami and yellow polenta

Creamed cod
Sarde in Saor (sweet and sour sardines)
Sweet and sour shrimp
Boiled musky octopus
Stewed cuttlefish
Crab claws
Fried zucchini flower
Venetian meatballs
Half Hard-boiled egg with anchovy
Artichoke heart
Stuffed tomato
Cicchetto with radicchio in sweet and sour sauce
Cicchetto with Colonnata lard, Parmesan and balsamic vinegar
Cicchetto with salmon, mayonnaise and cucumber
Cicchetto with cooked ham and horseradish


8 ITEMS € 45.00
12 ITEMS € 49.00
15 ITEMS € 56.00
Price per person
Beverages not included

...and the abundance of Sicily

A dinner that celebrates the roots of our Executive Chef: born in Agrigento, Salvatore Pullara wanted to create a menu inspired by the most famous dishes of Sicily, a wonderful island with a variety of aromas and intense flavors. This iconic land will be showcased on your tables with delicious traditional dishes such as arancini (rice balls), panelle (chickpea fritters), and eggplant caponata. The culinary experience will culminate with the Executive Chef’s pièce de résistance, cannoli, Sicily’s most popular dessert.

Crisp battered sage leaves

Eggplant caponata
Sweet and sour peppers
Battered cauliflower
Ricotta cheese balls
Chickpea fritters
Seasoned olives

Orange and fennel salad
Swordfish marinated in fennel
Sarde a Beccafico (Sicilian stuffed sardines)
Fish Cous Cous
Stewed baby octopus

Arancino with ragù and peas
Arancino with ham and mozzarella

Sicilian Cannoli

€ 42.00
Price per person
Beverages not included

The Aromas of the Grill

The diverse culinary offering of Semplice would not be complete without an evening devoted to barbecue, the epitome of beautiful summer evenings spent outdoors in typical Italian style, featuring meat and vegetables as a side dish. The dinner will shine a spotlight on the typical food products of the region, often associated with pleasant memories, such as the “Granpiatto della Campagna” (large country platter), a combination of cold cuts and local cheeses. To satisfy the palate, marinated pork ribs, sausage, free-range chicken with rosemary, strictly cooked to order, accompanied by charcoal-baked potatoes and polenta. The wonderful evening will end with a delicious millefeuille, a traditional French dessert that dates back centuries, made with strawberries for the occasion.

Crisp battered sage leaves

Large country platter:
sopressa, capocollo,
Asiago cheese, Ubriaco cheese,
mortadella with pistachio, ricotta

Grilled meat:
marinated pork ribs, sausage,
free-range chicken with rosemary
charcoal-baked potatoes

Strawberry Mille-feuille

€ 47.00
Price per person
Beverages not included

Seafood delights

The grill will be another recurring theme on these evenings spent in true Semplice style: fresh seafood, in fact, will taste even more delightful when cooked on the grill. Flavor, aesthetics and well-being all in one dish, thanks to the careful selection of the highest quality seafood, freshly caught and skillfully prepared to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, even at the table. Semplice will be transformed into a “market-restaurant”, featuring the catch of the day accompanied by a tasty octopus salad, followed by tasty sautéed mussels and, to end the evening on a sweet note, a refreshing slice of watermelon for dessert.

Crisp battered sage leaves

Octopus salad
Sautéed Mussels

Grilled catch of the day
and grilled vegetables

Sliced watermelon

€ 48.50
Price per person
Beverages not included