2-Days Wellness

2-Days Wellness Program

Stress, now so entrenched in everyday life, is the first enemy to beat in order to regain serenity and a youthful appearance.

Inside Almablu Spa everything was created to tackle resolutely this invisible enemy!

A wellness program of the duration of 2 days to help you achieve energy balance through treatments, massages and rituals of the Almablu line.

Our team will take of you on a journey of the senses. The program requires a minimum of 3 nights stay.

Day 1

A consultation with our experts
50-min Private “Breathing exercises” lesson
Face massage 40 min


Stress relieving body massage 50 min
Head massage 25 min

Day 2

50-min Private “Dynamic stretching” lesson
Foot reflexology session 50 min"


Global rebalancing body massage 1h 20min"

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