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A Night in Venice

In Venice, magic never ends; every street can reveal a surprise and every corner can offer unique sceneries, especially at nighttime.

Undoubtedly, Venice can stir up emotions at any time of the day, but this seems to be especially true at night, when the magical lights fade and the city transforms: after sunset, indeed, you will find yourself immersed in silence, a silence interrupted only by the motion of the water, free to finally enjoy the quietness of the city, with just the sound of your steps in the background.

You can leave in the afternoon from Punta Sabbioni, and, as you arrive by boat, stare, transfixed, at the sunset reflecting on the shimmering water, and then sit down for a refreshing aperitif in one of St. Mark’s Square’s elegant bars.
Once the sun goes down, there will be nothing more enchanting than wandering through the city and exploring a more intimate Venice and, if you are passionate about photography, taking incredible pictures that capture the magic and mystery of nighttime in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The bewitching charm of Venice by night continues with a moonlight gondola ride: admiring the reflection of picturesque buildings or of the majestic Rialto Bridge in the waters of the canals is an entirely different and unique experience.
To conclude a romantic night out on the town, enjoy a delicious candlelit dinner before boarding the last waterbus to Jesolo that leaves from St. Mark’s square.