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Exclusive Experiences

There’s a place where the soul heals and the body indulges in the pleasure of rediscovering sensations and emotions long forgotten. In this place, stress is a thing of the past and nothing can disturb your peace of heart.
Every treatment, every massage, every ritual was created with love and dedicated to you, so that you may rediscover yourselves.

Signature Treatments

From the wisdom of Chinese Medicine

The Almablu energy massages are rooted in the wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine, which aims at treating the cause rather than the symptom linked to stress, to restore the body with balance, harmony and well being. This manipulative therapy is inspired by the ancient Chinese massage Tuina, which acts with a variety of techniques on the body’s energy meridians and on precise points that have commonly been used in acupuncture. The gentle and rhythmic movements, performed in an atmosphere of complete relaxation, reach the soul’s hidden depths through the body.

A moment: 25 min
A moment… the little time dedicated to taking care of our bodies… a moment and back tension is relieved… The back, the part of the body where all our tension and stress accumulate. 25 minutes of unforgettable experience. The back is the yang: the use of rhythmic pressure on the bladder meridians helps our nervous system release tension, allowing the body to feel relaxed and ready to face daily life.

The flower and the roots: 50 min
The result of an ancient technique called On Zon Su, energy reflexology brings great benefit to the body reflexes through the stimulation of a particular foot area associated with the relevant organ.

The journey between heaven and earth: 80 min
The stimulation of points and meridians with long, fluid strokes, soft and enveloping, helps reduce body tension, relaxing body muscles and relieving stress significantly.

Reflections of the self: 50 min
Based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine, through the fusion of Eastern and Western techniques, “Reflection of the self” works along the meridian courses starting from the hands and feet. The energy thus aroused gives the body a wonderful feeling of vitality.

Strength Game: 40 min
Warm oil and hot lava stones for a massage dedicated to all those who suffer from muscle contractures – associated with dorsal and lumbar tension. The stones gently stretch tight muscles, while the heat of the oil, producing vasodilation, relaxes the connective tissue and muscle fibres.

Light at dusk: 40 min
Thanks to the Eastern massage technique called Tuina, the face relaxes its features and the facial expressions regain their definition. Signs of ageing are reduced and the skin, nourished with new vitality, glows.

Dispersing the clouds in the sky: 40 min
The face represents the identity of every person; its different expressions and the slight changes in complexion can reveal a person’s overall well-being, by stimulating the points and meridians of the face in a targeted manner, the ancient technique of Gua Sha emphasizes skin’s brightness and stimulates skin’s tone immediately after the treatment. Our truest and deepest nature comes into view, and with it a radiance that reflects the joy of living.

Regenerating Moxibustion: 20 min
The stimulation of specific points on the body using heat is an ancient practice originating in Classical Chinese Medicine, an extremely pleasant technique that triggers the flow of vital energy – known as QI – by acting on the energy meridians. The heat is transmitted to the body through moxibustion, a cigar-shaped stick of mugwort leaves that stimulates the acupuncture points of the Bladder meridian and promotes the smooth flow of body energy through heat infusion. For a new feeling of vitality and well being, we recommend combining the regenerating moxibustion treatment with the energetic massage “The Lightness of Being”.

The Lightness of Being: 50 min
At the end of this energetic and regenerating massage your body and soul will experience a sensation of incredible lightness, enthusiasm and vitality. Our therapists will activate the energy flow by stimulating the acupuncture points along the kidney and gallbladder meridians. The regenerating beneficial effect of this massage will accompany you in the days to follow and fill you with a renewed excitement for life.

Detoxifying Moxibustion: 20 min
The purpose of detoxifying moxibustion is to dredge the meridians in order to ensure the correct flow of QI. The Almablu therapists apply this Classical Chinese Medicine technique by moving the mugwort stick – known as moxa – in a circular motion over the liver and kidney meridian points. The diffusion of heat through indirect moxibustion helps revive the flow of energy and blood circulation throughout the body, hence restoring balance. For more effective results we recommend combining moxibustion with the detoxifying massage “Across the border”.

Across the border: 50 min
Life is the balance of opposites, imbalance seeks balance. In this search for harmony between the inside and the outside, the detoxifying energy massage “Across the Border” uses the body to act on the deepest sphere of self. The stimulation of the liver and kidney meridians is reflected internally, playing a key role in restoring the body’s detoxifying functions. The boundary between the two entities shrinks and a new glow radiates from the inside to the outside.

A good night sleep

Dedicated to all those who need to improve the quality of their sleep or are unable to sleep.

Warrior’s Rest: 50 min
“Warrior’s Rest” is a massage designed to stabilize the flow of energy between body and head. The goal is to promote proper rhythms of sleep-wakefulness by restoring balance in the two energy phases, which, according to Chinese medicine, are present in the human body. When one of these two phases is altered, a local accumulation in the head may occur, which must be resolved in order to get optimal sleep.

At the Foot of Mount Olympus: 50 min
Sleep patterns can also be regulated through the feet, which represent our support and the roots of our body. According to classical Chinese medicine, the energies of the earth penetrate the soles of the feet in their initiation journey towards the sky. Sometimes, however, localized disorders alter the proper flow of energy with different outcomes, one of which is a specific deficiency that triggers sleep onset. Massaging the plantar area can restore the harmony and serenity needed for a good restorative sleep.

The Magic of Silence: 80 min
“The magic of silence” is a massage designed to restore balance in the two energy phases, which, according to Chinese medicine, affect the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. Consequently, it regulates the flows of energy between body and head that improve sleep quality. The 80-minute treatment focuses on penetrating deeper in order to stop the flow of time and the thoughts processes that disrupt nighttime sleep. The strokes are slow but not invasive and stimulate key points on the meridians linked to the sleep-wake rhythm.

The perfect fusion of heaven and earth

Double the feeling of well-being with the 4-hand massage performed by two Almablu therapists. By acting in harmony on the meridians, these two massages will restore a deep sensation of balance and harmony. A one-of-a-kind treatment that offers a synchronized head and foot massage, the perfect fusion of heaven and earth, thought and action according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A stroll in Paradise: 50 min
A journey to follow the rhythm of your own heart, inspired by the synchronized massage movements performed by two therapists working in unison, ultimately inducing a state of sheer bliss.
The synchronized four-hand stimulation of specific points along the meridians of the body creates an emotional journey and provides a unique sense of well-being. Not an ordinary four-hand massage but, as the name suggests, a stroll in paradise through the emotions of the heart.

Jade Flower: 40 min
An Innovative Almablu four-hand treatment, which involves synchronized massage strokes on the head and feet, which, according to oriental traditions, symbolically represent heaven and earth.
Just as the jade gemstone possesses an invaluable combination of healing properties, so the head and the feet represent the underlying relationship between thought and action that characterizes the so-called “Ren-Man” in Confucian philosophy, the main character of his time and of his space.



To reactivate the body's defense mechanism

The immune system plays a fundamental role for our body, protecting it from internal and external aggressions that can compromise health. But how can we best support our defenses?
There are many treatments, massages and ancient healing practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine that stimulate the meridian points of the large intestine and stomach to reactivate the body’s defense mechanism.
The goal of our therapists is therefore to strengthen and boost this mechanism with targeted massages. A healthy body, in fact, has a natural protection system capable of defending the body from countless viruses and bacteria.

The breath and the quiver: 50 min
The body has countless arrows in its quiver to defend us from external aggressions; this treatment stimulates what eastern cultures call defense energy and the western world calls immunity. In particular, there are areas of the epidermis that in Chinese and Japanese traditions are specifically delegated to these functions. The stimulation of these elective points, which are located along the meridians, reactivates the immune system, providing an instant burst of energy after the massage.

The awakening of the Earth: 40 min
There is only one acupuncture point on the sole of the foot, called the “courage spring” or “bubbling spring”. According to Chinese traditions, it is through this point that we accept this contract called life and that we anchor ourselves to our earthly existence. We could say that the feet represent our strength, our ability to stand up physically, but also symbolically, in life. Thanks to the myriad nerve connections of the sole of the foot we can rebalance the entire organism. Non-invasive but noticeable and effective strokes will make your feet feel in perfect harmony with mother earth.

Immunostimulant moxibustion: 20 min
Vital energy, or Qi, can be activated with one of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s oldest techniques: moxibustion. The heat generated by the mugwort leaf stick pleasantly stimulates the flow of this energy, and creates an immunostimulating effect, thanks to the targeted action on the meridian points of the large intestine and stomach through which the body activates the strengthening mechanism of the immune system.

Sublime ritual – Sunset reflection: 1 hour 50 min
The colors, the play of light and the iridescent reflections of the sunset are a delight for the senses and the spirit. They seem to open the door to an unknown and fantastic world and transport us to a dimension beyond our own. That’s why the sunset is always a magical moment to admire in its indescribable beauty at the end of each day.
We wanted to bring the magic and wonder sparked by the sunset to this ritual, to create an experience of memorable sensations, reactivate the immune system and bring to light our inner reflections.
The ritual includes:
Turkish bath with aromatherapy
Purifying body treatment
Body massage for the immune system “The breath and the quiver”
Herbal tea

Energy Massages and Treatments for Golfers

Massages and specific treatments designed to provide therapeutic relief to the novice and seasoned player alike, which can be performed both before and after a round of golf. Ideal for men, perfect for women who, at Almablu, can rediscover the pleasure of feeling good and beautiful before or after sports.


The Perfect Swing: 25 min
This massage focuses on the muscles of the legs or of the back typically involved in golf swings, in particular with non-invasive technical specifications combined with various stretching techniques which offer relaxation and wellness to the muscles and joints in addition to increasing the amplitude of the movement. This massage is designed to provide relief to experienced players and beginners alike and can be performed either before or after a game.

Golf Swing Relax: 50 min
There are over 120 muscles involved in a golfer’s swing. These muscles, together with tendons and joints, are commonly exposed to a heavy load, which can possibly cause pain. The Golf Swing Relax massage relieves tension with a pleasant passive muscle stretching and, thanks to specific techniques, induces a state of deep relaxation without sacrificing a perfect degree of mobility for a more enjoyable game of golf.

A Spot on the Field: 50 min
An energetic massage created for athletes, particularly golfers, designed to help restore muscle tone. The manipulation focuses on the dorsal area of the body, especially on the shoulders and arms. The affected energy meridians are designed to boost body oxygenation thus eliminating toxins and promoting a decontracting action on the muscle tissue.

The perfect Draw: 50 min
Just as golfers aim at hitting the perfect draw, this energetic massage satisfies the player’s two main requirements, thanks to its relaxing and soothing action. The therapist stimulates five different energy meridians to act on all major muscle groups. Improved oxygenation promotes muscle tone recovery and relieves the tensions that may arise during the game.

Breathe in the Green: 50 min
An energetic massage to indulge in after a round of golf; thanks to a blend of essential oils with specific muscle relaxant effects, it helps relieve muscle tension, promotes relaxation and restores the body’s energy system.
The manipulations concentrate mainly on the upper back area, without neglecting shoulders and legs for an extremely soothing effect.

Deep Relief: 50 min
During the maneuvers the therapist uses elbows and forearms to act directly on the contractures of the cervical area, back, legs and arms. For those who prefer deeper pressure, the Deep Relief energy massage helps relieve muscle pain and dissolve muscle tension after the tournament.


The Force of Wind: 50 min
A treatment designed specifically for athletes and in particular for golfers. Just like a shield, it protects against aggressive external agents, prolonged sun exposures and adverse weather conditions frequently endured by golfers. Thanks to the deep and intensive action of A C E F vitamins, it protects the cell’s DNA and develops a marked antioxidant effect aimed at fighting free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

White and the Roses: 50 min
A 50-minute post-competition facial treatment. Just like a cool spring breeze that carries the scent of flowers, this treatment helps freshen, moisturize and soothe the skin after exposure to wind and sun. This multi-step treatment begins with a light and refreshing cleansing, followed by a first massage aimed at releasing toxins. A soothing mask made with Helicrysum hydrates and softens the skin, preparing it for phase two of the massage, which exerts a regenerating and invigorating effect. As a final step, a special liquid mask prepares the skin to receive the concentrate of vitamins that concludes this extraordinary moment of well-being.


The Sky and the Sea: 80 min
A treatment dedicated to golfers and to all athletes. Perfect after a match or an intense workout, this treatment relieves muscle tension thanks to the powerful synergy of body massage (back and legs) and the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties of Arnica Montana and Meadowsweet. A highly effective body wrap helps to relieve tired muscles providing a pleasant sensation of lightness to the entire body.

The Pearl Trail: 80 min
This 80-minute treatment promotes tension relief in the back and throughout the entire body. After an intense workout the body demands special attention to help recover its natural elasticity and suppleness. The back massage performed at the beginning of the treatment, aimed at restoring muscle flexibility, plays an essential role in relieving muscle sti ness and easing tension. The body softens and relaxes, as it prepares to receive a moisturizing body wrap that provides long-term beneffits to the skin, followed by a pleasant relaxing hydro massage.

Techniques and gentle movements

Let yourself be enveloped by the pleasant texture of Almablu skincare products, by scents and feelings of well-being, and surrounded by love and attention as expert hands pamper you. Rituals to discover new vitality and regenerate the skin of the face through relaxing and sensorial steps and manipulations.

The Waves – Face Massage: 25 min
The pleasant kneading is combined with the stimulation of flow points used in Chinese medicine to give instant brightness and relaxation to the face, with the aim of regenerating the skin.

Our Secret – Cleaning Ritual: 50 min
It clears the skin of impurities and prepares your face to receive the active ingredients of Almablu treatments. A deep cleansing and a polishing exfoliation, complemented by a soothing mask, are the key steps in this refreshing ritual.

Breathing you in – Rejuvenating Ritual: 50 min
Precious active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Omega Three and anti-aging hydrolates, bring elasticity and firmness to the tissues. The skin “breathes” and revives. A new freshness leaves the skin of your face looking smooth and radiant.

Soundless – Relaxing Ritual: 50 min
Facial features relax making your face glow thanks to a special red seaweed, rich in beta-carotene and lycopene, with an antioxidant action: Dunaliella seaweed. A happy combination of relaxation and anti-aging action for an amazing result.

Downs – Firming-Lifting Ritual: 50 min
Dedicated to all the women who love a firm and toned feel to their skin, with an extraordinary tightening effect enhanced by the powerful action of marine collagen. It accentuates and defines facial features and is undoubtedly the treatment of choice before an evening Gala or an important event. The tightening effect increases the makeup’s staying power and highlights its details.

Helichrysum – Soothing Ritual: 50 min
Ideal for allergy-prone, sensitive and delicate skin with a tendency to redden easily or simply as a wellbeing moment for the skin after sun exposure. An excellent soothing treatment to relieve irritation and redness on sun-exposed skin.


Ocean Blue – Men’s Ritual: 50 min
Anti-stress face and eye contour treatment designed for men’s skin. This massage utilizes plants such as myrtle and lavender that evoke seaside scents and marine environments. The treatment aims at smoothing features, lightening dark circles and promoting the decongestion of bags under the eyes with a tightening effect on the entire eye area. Deep hydration and protection from aggressive external agents are among the most beneficial effects of marine cosmetics.

New sensations for the body

“Caresses of the Sea” body treatments aim to provide excellent results that meet the skin’s requirements without neglecting the sensory and emotional experience. The products of the Almablu Line are enhanced by true rituals designed to help you get back into shape and achieve aesthetic results in an atmosphere of total comfort and relaxations.

The Magic of Making: 50 min
A treatment specifically designed to rid the body of impurities and toxins through a pleasant and relaxing well-being procedure. The purification of body and mind is obtained through a 3-step deep exfoliating treatment.

The Day of the Sun – Freshness and Firmness Ritual: 50 min
The therapeutic properties of marine active ingredients and of Pycnogenol, which is extracted from the bark of the maritime pine tree, tones the body while increasing flexibility. An invigorating body wrap completes the ritual, culminating in a fresh burst of well-being.

The Colors of the Sea – Get back in shape Ritual: 50 min
The ritual helps the body expel toxins and release excess liquids through the use of a targeted massage on the affected area and a seaweed and essential oils body wrap, for a slim, toned and sensual silhouette.

Embrace of the Sea – Relaxing Ritual: 50 min
Inspired by a thousand-year old ayurvedic tradition, “Embrace of the Sea” is one of Almablu’s gems; a relaxing massage, featuring a gentle sequence of strokes which embrace the body, allowing the person to sink deeper into relaxation. Suitable for all those in need of a brief interlude to indulge in absolute relaxation, “Embrace of the Sea” instills a deep feeling of well being to both body and mind, thanks to its targeted action on the skin and the muscles, by alternating different and enjoyable light and deep strokes reminiscent of the unceasing motion of sea waves.

Gold and silver – Moisturizing Ritual: 80 min
A “cascade” effect that acts in depth, providing a burst of moisture and leaving skin refreshed thanks to the targeted action of precious algal mucilages used in this unique mask. Body skin regains extraordinary softness and elasticity. An excellent treatment for both pre-and post-sun exposure.

Moonlight Reflections – Elasticity-restoring Ritual: 80 min
A treatment that restores skin’s radiance and beauty. A magic treatment designed to deliver beautiful skin. A unique massage that uses a combination of precious butters and a special massage technique with warm water, leaving your skin glowing and incredibly silky. Magic silver reflections illuminate the skin like shiny foaming waves. The perfect treatment for a special evening, an event or just to feel and look extraordinarily beautiful.

Call to Paradise: 50 min
This massage is rooted in the millennial history of Ayurveda. Inspired by the ancient “Mridu Samvhanam”, a gentle relaxing ayurvedic massage, “Call to Paradise” is an extraordinary experience of sensory abandonment. Three different types of pressure accompany the rhythm intensity of this massage, creating a continuum. As the meridians and parallels encircle the earth in a seamless pattern, so the flow of strokes is uninterrupted, generating a state of absolute relaxation. Ideal for fighting insomnia and regaining mental serenity.

Echo of the Ocean: 50 min
An amber– and spice-infused treatment designed to enhance the skin’s natural beauty. A gentle scrub with a blend of exotic and fragrant ingredients such as turmeric and cinnamon. A luxurious milk bath completes this moment of beauty and relaxation. The skin, now revived, truly radiates.

The Secret Garden: 50 min
A moisturizing and nourishing body treatment that begins with a pleasant purifying and soothing massage made with honey, sugar and lemon. A delicate ritual to soften the skin caressed by the sun. The refreshing scent of the Neroli body wrap, reminiscent of the sea, the summer and the tranquility of a shaded flower garden, completes this beauty break.

Enchantement of the Sea: 50 min
Sweet scents and marine atmosphere. The treatment begins with a gentle exfoliating massage that leaves the skin silky soft and precedes the exquisite Amber body wrap. A body treatment with moisturizing and nourishing properties, followed by a magical and fragrant lagoon bath.

A unique Spa Experience

A visit to magical and faraway places, that can only be reached across the sea, to lead guests through virtual ports of call, a journey to the most beautiful places in the world where the sea plays the starring role. Every ritual, lasting 2 hours and 50 minutes, is a real, unique Spa Experience. A sensory experience indissolubly linked with a definite desire: to lead guests into the atmosphere of these places of landing through treatments, massages and products that belong to the lands and cultures described in this virtual journey.

Tales from Bali – Stopover in Bali: 2h 50 min

There’s a happy island floating in the beautiful Indonesian archipelago: Bali. Called the Island of the Gods for its legendary serenity, Bali enchants for its landscape, colors and fragrances.
Almablu’s tale of Bali speaks of joy and of the warm embrace of nature. Balinese rituals, ancient evidence of past civilizations, pass on love through the hands while nature cradles our bodies through its treasures.

  • Light Boreh, a purifying treatment for the body
  • Oceanic floral bath with hibiscus, jasmine, gardenia, rose, ylang ylang
  • Aloe and Lavender body wrap
  • Balinese aromatherapy massage

A Journey to the Mediterranean – The Gulf of Sorrento: 2h 50 min

The symbol of Sorrento, lemons evoke freshness, like the sea breeze on a sunny summer day. The Amalfi Coast, wrapped in the glow of sunshine, offers all the beauty and scents of the Mediterranean in this Almablu tale, to delight the senses of those who choose this Ritual. This aromatherapeutic combination is designed to give relaxation and balance to the mind and the body.

  • Facial treatment “Sorrento Breeze”
  • Smoothing Massage with honey, sugar and lemons from Sorrento
  • Mediterranean body wrap
  • Relaxing aromatherapy massage “Awakening at dawn”