Your sweet Escape

Specials & Gifts

‘The Art of Hospitality’ in an exceptional luxury experience to be relished at Almar.

A selection of special offers and packages carefully chosen especially for you. Luxurious pampering, exclusive treatments and personalized services to make yournext stay in Lido di Jesolo a true Almar Experience.

Spring pampering

Take a moment to savor the sensations and recapture the new energy that only Springtime seems to bring.

Gourmet sweet awakening

A gourmet package at incredible conditions for lovers of good food! 2-night minimum stay required.

Pampering Break

Discover the special Pampering Break package!
A minimum stay of 2 nights to enjoy an escape of pure relaxation at Almar Jesolo.

Good Night Sleep Package

Improve the quality of sleep, by finding back the vitality and well-being of the body is the aim of this new special package created exclusively for Almar.

Golf Passion

The Golf is a unique sport to be practiced in the open air and it helps, like our Spa treatments, to relax and regain your personal wellbeing.

Harmony of Yin and Yang

A Wellness package requiring a minimum stay of 2 nights that aims to restore the body with all the benefits provided by the proper flow of Yin and Yang energies.

1-Day Regenerating Program

Even a shorter wellness program can help infuse the body and mind with new energy. Stress and tension will give way to a new vitality and well-being.

2-Day Regenerating Program

Thanks to the 2-day regenerating program, it is now possible to recover the strength and vigor that allow us to face daily life with renewed momentum.

2-Day Detoxifying Program

Almar’s 2-Day Detox Program, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, works from the outside in to rid your body of toxins and energy blocks, and allows you to rediscover a new sense of freedom.

2-Day Wellness Program

An exclusive package, which includes a 2-day wellness program and a minimum stay of 3 nights, to achieve energy balance and discover the World of Almablu.

3-Day Wellness Program

An exclusive package, which includes a 3-day wellness program and a minimum stay of 4 nights, to achieve energy balance and discover the World of Almablu.

6-Day Anti-stress Program

An exclusive program designed to fight stress, spread over 6 days, each targeting different goals.

Celebration Package

For all special occasions, Almar suggests you an exclusive package to celebrate achievements of your life.

Gift Card

The perfect gift? A gift card from Almar Jesolo!
Simply select an amount and the recipient can use the gift card to book a stay.