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Italian Style

Experience and Italian Style

Mediterra Restaurant

Mediterra Restaurant owes its name to the Mediterranean gastronomic culture: synonymous with quality, freshness, lightness. The light, the purity of the glass, the blue of the water, the scent of the sea combine to create the evocative atmosphere that enhances the kitchen’s creations.

Mediterra’s culinary offerings represent a unique blend between the abundance of the sea and Veneto’s fertile lands, reinterpreted with international touches and innovative twists. The aromas and flavors of the best seasonal ingredients and the selection of the finest wines make each meal a pure moment of physical and mental pleasure.

For lunch, Mediterra offers creativity and lifestyle with eclectic salads, tantalizing light lunches, delectable finger food choices and refreshing fruit bowls.

Mediterra Privé is a private space inside the restaurant specially reserved for guests in search of a more intimate culinary experience or wishing to add a touch of privacy and exclusivity to their dinner.

+39 0421 388111
Cuisine type: Italian and international
Lunch: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 7.00pm – 10.00 pm


Fine Italian Cuisine

At lunch and dinner, the cuisine is exquisitely Italian, with an emphasis on local flavors.

Only the freshest ingredients for the best menus inspired by Mediterranean and international cuisine. Let yourself be transported on this journey through flavors that envelops all six senses.


Meet The Chef

Mediterra Restaurant is led by the talent and creativity of Chef Salvatore Pullara, a native of Sicily, land of wonderful aromas and flavor, which inspire and enrich his cuisine with original and contemporary reinterpretations, in perfect harmony with the Venetian tradition. His dishes are a perfect combination of impeccable taste and refined presentation.


Our Menu

The awakening of the senses

A warm welcome awaits you on the pool terrace with relaxing views of the sea, to start the day with tranquility and genuine products.

Our extensive American buffet, served until 11.00, offers authentic Italian breakfast as well as international flavors. 

The open expo kitchen, where you can watch the Chef artfully create sophisticated dishes and savor your luxurious breakfast through the nose and the palate, provides an enthralling and sense awakening experience.

Espresso and international coffees

Organic teas, Wellness herbal teas

Cereals and Bran

Goji Berries, Sesame seeds and Oatmeal

Organic Citrus Cake

Gluten-free rice cakes

Organic Muesli with fruit

Gluten-free Crackers

Crunchy Granola and muesli with fruit

Chocolate rice

Sunflower, Flax, Pumpkin, Sesame and Poppy seeds

Rice Crispies

Pop Corn

Fresh seasonal fruit sliced by our Chef

Dried fruits and fruit in syrup

Fresh Vegetables from the Farmers Market

Selection of Local and International Cheeses

Fresh, Rice, Soy, Lactose-free Milk

Mozzarella Ciliegine

Hard-boiled and Scrambled Eggs

8 varieties of fresh yogurt, including Organic

Regular, Wholewheat, Light and Gluten free toasts

Whole-wheat, Multigrain, Pugliese, Baguette, Cereals and Rye bread

Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla mini-Donuts

9 Varieties of Fruit Jam

Small Butter Croissants

Croissants with Apricot preserve and with Chocolate

Fagottino with cream

Organic Rice Cakes

Donuts with Cream

Peanut Butter

Wilkin&Sons Honey

Muffins in various flavors

9 Cakes made in house by our Pastry Chef

Organic Chocolate and Farro Cake

Extensive selection of Cold Cuts, including items from the Veneto tradition

Crispy Bacon

Sausages and Frankfurters

Fresh Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Grapefruit and ACE (Orange, carrot, lemon) Juices

Sparkling Wine Cuvée Brut

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Herrings

Sweet Delight by the pool

For lunch, a fresh and contemporary interpretation of Italian cuisine, in the splendid setting of the sun terrace by the pool overlooking the sea or in the dining room.

Lightness and international allure are accompanied by attentive service and an à la carte menu with dishes featuring the catch of the day or light salads.


Taste in its three colours, egg, asparagus and bacon 14,50 €
Lukewarm tomato soup with buffalo mozzarella cheese and black stale bread 15,00 €
Sardines on puffed venetian bigoli, Chioggia beetroots and candied citron 16,00 €
Grilled octopus on cream of carrots and limes, Venetian casatella cheese and mint cailletier olives 16,50 €
Beef tartare with its dressings 17,00 €
Smoked ostrich marinated in karkadè served with Jerusalem artichoke mousse 19,00 €


First Courses

Fresh tomato cream with fior di latte cheese and basil leaves 14,00 €
Carrot cream with grilled pineapple scented with ginger 15,00 €
Paccheri pasta in parmigiana style 15,00 €
Spaghettoni with basil pesto, baby plum tomatoes and almonds 16,00 €
Lamon bean soup with organic extra virgin olive oil drops 16,00 €
Carnaroli risotto with rocket sprouts, crunchy Parmesan cheese and Fassona meat tartare 16,50 €
Stuffed raviolone with radicchio di Treviso and Asiago cheese on a cream of leeks, dehydrated speck and toasted hazelnuts 17,00 €
Tagliatelle with white cuttlefish sauce and crisp artichokes of S. Erasmo 18,00 €


Main Courses

Crispy sesame tofu, pumpkin flowers with tomato sauce on peas cream 17,00 €
Herb breaded chicken with white creamy polenta and bacon in a cold pizzaiola tomato sauce, capers and olives 19,00 €
Sliced Sorana meat with butter and rosemary served with puffed potatoes and baked Belgian endive 21,00 €
Seared grey mullet with sage leaves on black chick-pea purée and mussels sauce 22,00 €
Burger served with fried eggs, bacon, caramelized onion and pasta fillo 21,00 €
Mixed fried fish with vegetable rosti and chives soy mayonnaise 24,00 €



Almar Salad: mesclen salad, carrots, fennel, mango, Sichuan pepper salmon, maracuja shrimps, toasted almonds 19,00 €
“Ràis” Salad: baby spinach leaves, dried tomatoes, tuna, french beans, Nocellara olives, baked onion 18,00 €
Ceasar Salad: iceberg salad, chicken breast, eggs, spicy croutons, Parmesan, bacon and Caesar dressing 19,00 €
Humus Salad: red chicory, smoked ham, green asparagus, grilled polenta and Asiago cheese 17,00 €
0 km Salad: lettuce, radicchio, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, fennel and corn 14,00 €
Caprese Buffalo Salad: baby lettuce, colored tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil sauce 16,00 €


Style. Quality. Passion.

Celebrating the cuisine of the Italian tradition with international influences, the evening menu is characterized by harmonies and sophisticated experimentation, creativity and attention to aesthetics.

A real gastronomic journey from appetizer to dessert in true Mediterra style. Exclusive atmosphere and glamour in a stylish environment, surrounded by our attentive and experienced restaurant staff.


Beetroot rice sphere stuffed with chicken and goat cheese on peas cream 16,00 €
The Chef’s caprese salad of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese 16,00 €
Horse carpaccio, Cantabrian anchovies, capers of Salina, Nocellara olives and sweet-and-sour onion 18,00 €
King prawns with lemon thyme in cooking oil on avocado mayonnaise with crispy vegetables 18,00 €
Seared scallops with lemon butter on tomato salad, toasted almonds and basil sprouts 19,50 €
Crispy soft-shell crabs in orange tempura with glasswort and lemongrass creamy sauce 22,00 €


First Courses

Stuffed polenta cannellone with rabbit ragù and vegetables on Di Borso del Grappa pea cream 15,00 €
Leonforte broad bean soup with fennel scent, sea-urchin and smoked ricotta cheese 16,00 €
Tagliatella with Sant’ Erasmo artichokes “castraure” hazelnuts, buffalo mozzarella, Muntok white pepper and Pecorino cheese from Colli Berici 17,00 €
Fresh pasta tortelli stuffed with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in glaze beef sauce and raw baby spinach leaves 18,00 €
Blue-violet potato gnocchi with red prawns marinated in ginger, clams and zucchini chips 18,00 €
Carnaroli risotto with vanilla butter, wild sprouts and dehydrated Sappada speck 16,00 €


Main Courses

Artichoke upside down, pak- choi with quinoa in beetrots juice and oranges 19,00 €
Iberian pork cheek cooked at low temperature, served with pumpkin flower parmigiana 21,00 €
“Beccafico” red mullet in orange stew with snow peas in aromatic oil 23,00 €
Breaded veal entrecote with panko bread, egg-nog sauce and seasonal vegetables 24,00 €
Seared red tuna with aromatic salt, foie gras, red onion and cream of Granny Smith apple 27,00 €
Salt codfish confit, roasted calcots and polenta flavored with black garlic 24,00 €



Four shades of lemon 12,00 €
Strawberry soft Sphere with ricotta mousse and liquor chocolate sauce 12,00 €
Hazelnut biscuit with chocolate and whipped cream 13,00 €
Almond milk pudding with candied orange peel 13,00 €
Short-pastry biscuit with chantilly cream and wild berries 13,00 €
Homemade Tiramisù: mascarpone cream with coffee savoiardo biscuit 12,00 €