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Passion, dedication and commitment are the distinctive features of Almar Jesolo’s qualified staff. It is the people who determine the quality of the service offered, hence it is on their training and professionalism that we invest to offer you a 5 star experience.

Our Team

  • Resident Manager

    Monica Bonamassa

    Her long career in the field of luxury cruise ships as Cruise Director and the many years of experience as Hotel Manager and PR & Guest Relations Manager for Forte Village Resort (World’s Leading Resort 2015), allowed her to develop expertise and personal skills to better welcome Guests and enthusiastically transmit her passion for her chosen profession to all her staff. She held the position of Front Office Manager at Almar from 2016 to 2018; in 2019 she has been promoted to Director of Operations, a role that she immediately embraced with passion and dedication.
    She works alongside the managers of the Housekeeping, Front Office, Food & Beverage and Maintenance departments to guarantee standards of service and to offer a unique and personalized experience to all Almar Guests.
    Sporty and dynamic, she practices scuba diving to relax.

  • Executive Chef

    Salvatore Pullara

    An excellent resume with over 15 years of experience in 5 star and 5-star luxury Hotels and Resorts. Particularly significant for his career are the four years spent as Executive Chef at the Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa, a 5 star luxury resort in Ragusa. A sought-after consultant for major restaurants and hotel schools, he favors the creativity and applied research that daily presence in the kitchen entails. He expresses his creativity through decorative cuisine and the creation of vegetable sculptures.

    Eclectic and endowed with the strong leadership skills required to handle his kitchen brigade, at Almar he is at the heart of the emotions that are nurtured in the kitchen.

  • Maintenance Manager

    Antonio Zerbinati

    After several years’ experience in the family business, he took over the reins and ran it successfully. He later decided to look for new experiences within his field, and began his career at Almar as Maintenance Manager. A contributing factor in this choice was also his interest in charming properties and historic buildings, in addition to his careful attention to details and strong sense of aesthetics. He is a former professional soccer player and is passionate about table football. Versatile and always helpful, he performs his duties at Almar with commitment and professionalism, always striving to offer you maximum comfort during your stay.

  • Director of Revenue and Sales

    Francesco Criscuolo

    Following a three-year degree in Tourism Economics, he chose to continue his studies with a Master’s degree in Marketing in order to deepen his interest in the quantitative aspects of the tourism industry. He then graduated from Ca’ Foscari University with a dissertation on performance trends in tourism and hotel business. In 2008 he joined H.n.h. Hotels and Resorts, Almar Jesolo’s Management Group, and has since been in charge of sales budgeting and the strategic and tactical revenue management of each individual hotel within the group while overseeing the entire sales area.

  • Head of Quality Control and Business Management

    Francesco La Pietra

    Following a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (international-economic field) from the University of Trieste he chose to specialize in the tourism industry with the attainment of two Masters Degree: a Master in Economics and Management of Tourist Services at the University Ca ‘ Foscari in Venice and a Master in International Tourism Management in Vilnius. He joined H.n.h. Hotels and Resorts, Almar Jesolo’s Management Group, in 2009, where he is in charge of brand reputation, new technologies, and business and energy management for all the properties within the Group.

  • Head of Administration

    Rossano Bongiorno

    After graduating in Business and Economics from the University of Verona, he began his career with Grant Thornton Spa as budget auditor and analyst, later developed and refined his skills in a multinational company and, in 2001, took on the role of Head of Administration, Finance and Control in other important structured companies in northern Italy. He has been holding the position of Head of Administration at H.n.h. Hotels and Resorts, Almar Jesolo’ s Management Group, since 2012. At Almar, his role is to set and coordinate the administrative path that ends with the drafting of the budget and the production of reports for senior management.

  • Regulation, ICT and Purchasing Manager

    Cristiano Lorenzon

    He graduated in Business Administration from the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. In the early years of his career he worked as a business consultant, managing ERP software solutions implementation projects at leading companies in the north-east in the manufacturing, automotive and fashion industries. He developed knowledge about business organizations and their evolution during the adoption of new system information tools.
    He joined H.n.h. Hotels and Resorts – Almar Jesolo’s Management Group – in 2009 and contributed to the development of the Group’s IT architecture by centralizing its systems and using them as a lever for the construction of centralized common platforms. He applies the same logic to the coordination of the Purchasing Department, which he also currently manages. In addition, he oversees the maintenance of the various sites and is in charge of technical and plant issues. He presides over the Technical Department and is a member of the board.

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