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Wellness Area

The reception of the Spa, perfect welcome spot, is a cozy and relaxing environment where the Almablu Team will take care of you and ensure you have a true Spa Experience. The experience begins in the impressive humid zone, a self-guided circuit that includes a seafront whirlpool tub with sea view with capacity of over 48 cubic meters and heated to 32 °, saunas, steam baths, multi-sensory showers, two relaxation areas and much more, to immerse yourself in a world of sensations. A true antidote to stress and tension.

The glass tunnel leads directly to the 70-meters long outdoor swimming pool – partially covered by a spectacular glass enclosure – and heated from 27 to 30 degrees to relax muscles and mind in an expanse of turquoise water.

However, please note that opening hours and the operations procedures of some services, such as the SPA, Front Desk and Food and Beverage may be subject to change due to the health regulations that will be implemented, also by law, in order to safeguard the health of our Guests and our Staff.

The heated outdoor pool

Outdoor Pool

A dream outdoor swimming pool, measuring 70mt in length and heated at different temperatures (28 – 30C°) to indulge in a relaxing soak no matter the weather. The pool is also directly connected to the Spa and partially covered by an elegant glass encasing and illuminated in the evening for a dive with a view of the stars.

The Spa facilities

Seafront relaxation

Almablu’s whirlpool area is consistently heated to 32 ° C to ensure complete comfort and relaxation.

The sea and the beautiful outdoor landscape can be admired through the full height glass window while being massaged by whirlpool jets and water blades. The whirlpool’s contoured lounger seats located inside the tub ensure a full body massage to all areas of the body while the water pleasantly caresses your skin.

The sinuous lines of the loungers surrounding the whirlpool area create the perfect setting to recharge the batteries with an herbal tea or simply to enjoy the sea view.

Finnish sauna, Himalayan salt sauna and Soft sauna

The wet area offers three saunas, a traditional Finnish sauna, a dry sauna with Himalayan Salt and a Soft sauna. Extremely useful, even in summer, to help purify the body and find your inner balance.

After exercising or to treat yourself to a relaxing and detoxifying experience. Heat and sensations experienced in these saunas can stimulate your mental and physical well-being.

Finnish Sauna:

  • Temperature: 80° – 90°
  • Humidity: 20%

Salt Sauna:

  • Temperature: 60° – 70°
  • Humidity: 20%

Soft Sauna:

  • Temperature: 50° – 60°
  • Humidity: 40% – 60%

The treatment and beauty of the skin

The treatment and beauty of the skin

It dilates blood vessels thus improving circulation. It acts deeply on the skin, making it brighter, more elastic and supple. It eases little pains thanks to increased supplies of oxygen, while heat helps relieve congested nasal passages.

Steam bath is an excellent remedy against stress, to rediscover utter harmony with your body. In addition to traditional steam baths, Almablu also offers a salt steam bath, which provides maximum benefit to the respiratory system and skin, and a Mediterranean bath with lavender essence.

Steam Bath:

  • Temperature: 45° C
  • Humidity: 98%

Salt Steam Bath:

  • Temperature: 45 – 48° C
  • Humidity: 98%

Mediterranean Bath:

  • Temperature: 45 – 50° C
  • Humidity: 55% – 65%

The benefits of cold and ice

Definitely for the more daring, but an experience not to be missed nonetheless, to tone your muscles, restore blood circulation, recover lost energy or provide relief for sore muscles after a workout.

Whether you choose a cold-water shower or a leg massage with ice, the cold room will offer you fresh new sensations.

Let your energy flow

Colors, perceptions and ambiance are the key features of this treatment which, thanks to hydrotherapy, gives comfort to the body using the healing power of water.

Soaking in the hot tub before plunging into cold water stimulates the blood flow, tones the muscles and increases the elasticity of the tissues.

A veritable cure-all suitable for all ages!

Fitness Area


A one-of-a-kind fitness area set in a glass cube that offers stunning sea views. Exercising your body gives the mind time to relax, to achieve inner and outer balance.
The fitness area is divided into a cardio area and a weight training area. A lounge area with stunning sea views is also available for the practice of more relaxing techniques such as Pilates, yoga or stretching.