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Discover the secret side of Venice

St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica, the rows of shops along the sides of the Rialto bridge, the Grand Canal at sunset are definitely some of the top sights that can’t be missed, but there are other parts of the city worth exploring that will enrapture you.

Almar Jesolo has plenty of suggestions to help you discover the city’s most hidden places: located just a few steps from St. Mark’s Square, Libreria Acqua Alta is a must stop for book lovers. Here you will find yourself surrounded by a wide range of books, new and used, arranged on gondolas, boats, and canoes. But what will truly leave you speechless is the Church of San Pantalon, located in the homonymous square, which contains the Martyrdom and Apotheosis of San Pantalon, the largest painting on canvas in the world, in addition to the works of two important representatives of Venetian painting, Paolo Veronese and Paolo Veneziano.

If you wish to combine history and art, take a leap in the fourteenth century with a stop at the Jewish ghetto, the oldest in Europe, a small island surrounded by canals, accessible only by two bridges. Finally, you can end your visit by celebrating the Jewish New Year with a delicious slice of honey cake or satisfy your palate with Middle Eastern flavors, such as a plate of creamy hummus scooped up with some pita bread.

To satisfy your curiosity, do not skip a visit to Calle Varisco, which, at just 53 cm wide, holds the record for the narrowest street in the city and, finally, relax with an aperitif in Campo dell’Abbazia or Campo Santa Margherita, some of the most happening nightlife areas in Venice, lined with inviting bars and restaurants, where you can savor cichéti, the city’s traditional mouthwatering snacks accompanied by a good glass of wine from Veneto.