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Exclusive Almablu rituals

The feeling of deep well-being goes hand in hand with the therapists’ care and professional touch in the exclusive Almablu signature rituals: an extensive selection of packages for a unique face and body experience, to satisfy all your skin needs while stimulating your senses and delivering new radiance.

The treatments use products from the Almablu Cosmetic Line, without parabens or sulfates to ensure well-being and health.

Our secret
50 min

Perfect before any treatment, this ritual purifies the skin of the face in three steps: facial steaming to eliminate impurities, soothing seaweed mask and, lastly, relaxing massage with a calming cream.

50 min

A moisturizing treatment that features the powerhouse ingredient Dunaliella Salina, an algae native of Australia, rich in beta-carotene and lycopene. Facial cleansing followed by exfoliation with kernel micro-granules prepares the skin to receive the antioxidant properties of the serum and of the Dunaliella alginate mask. Lastly, a pleasant massage with “Perla” cream from the Almablu line.

50 min

Ideal for delicate and sensitive skins, this ritual includes: skin cleansing, exfoliation, face serum and helichrysum cream mask, with astringent and soothing properties. A lymphatic drainage massage concludes the treatment and reduces redness on the face. In order to prevent broken capillaries, all products are used at low temperatures and the washcloths are frozen.

Breathing you in
50 min

Restoring youth to the face with three precious active ingredients: a vial of hyaluronic acid to activate skin cell renewal, a marine Omega 3 alginate mask with Chlorella algae to restore skin elasticity, and anti-aging hydrolates to tighten the tissue. Special attention is also given to the eye and lip contour for a dramatic result on the whole face.

50 min

Dedicated to all those who love the feeling of toned and tight skin, this ritual uses products made with marine collagen, renowned for its regenerating and antioxidant properties. The combined action of serum, facial mask and collagen cream massage helps define facial contours and improves skin elasticity. Also, an ideal treatment to hold make-up in place longer.

The force of wind
50 min

A treatment recommended for athletes, especially before outdoor activities. The deep and intensive action of vitamins A, C, E and F in the serum defends the skin against external aggressions, while the sunscreen lotion protects against prolonged sun exposure. It ensures an antioxidant effect aimed at counteracting free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

White and the roses
50 min

A treatment that moisturizes and soothes skin after wind and sun exposure: ideal as a post-competition ritual, also suitable for acne sufferers. The initial cleansing - performed without exfoliation, therefore suitable even for the most delicate skins - and the algae mask, with lymphatic drainage massage, make up the detoxifying phase. The second part of the treatment, on the other hand, soothes the skin with a helichrysum mask and a reactivating massage that will make the skin glow.

Ocean blue
50 min

Moisturizing treatment for men's skin that aims to relax facial features. It tightens the skin around the eyes and improves dark circles thanks to the drainage-enhancing properties of myrtle and the soothing properties of lavender, ingredients used in the mask and cream applied with a lymphatic drainage massage. Eye and lip contour are pampered with the serum for a radiant face.

The magic of making
50 min

A ritual specifically designed to rid the body of impurities and toxins. The delicate exfoliation with micro kernel granules purifies and gives new radiance to the skin; afterwards, a pleasant massage with our broom-scented Sea water spray “Oceano” delivers an extra burst of freshness. The perfect pre-treatment for all our rituals.

The day of the sun
50 min

The ritual brings endless freshness to the whole body. The action of marine active ingredients combined with the pycnogenol extracted from the bark of the maritime pine gives skin incredible elasticity. An invigorating body wrap and a massage with a fresh and moisturizing emulsion complete the ritual, for a burst of well-being.

The secret garden
50 min

The ritual begins with a honey, sugar and lemon scrub to soften the skin and prepare it for a relaxing Neroli body wrap, a fresh fragrance reminiscent of the sea. The currant and rose body butter, applied with a pleasant massage, will lead you inside a secret garden with to its scent and its irresistible sensations.

Gold and silver
80 min

The sea provides a valuable resource of natural ingredients for perfect skin care. The precious seaweed mucilage in the body mask used in this ritual deeply and effectively hydrates the skin of the entire body, giving it new elasticity. Ideal as a pre- or post-sun exposure treatment, it ends with a massage performed with algae-infused oil for extraordinary softness and radiance.

Enchantment of the sea
50 min

The treatment begins with a delicate exfoliating massage that leaves the skin silky and soft and continues with a rich amber body wrap, with moisturizing and nourishing properties. The fragrant “Laguna” bath with hints of citrus relaxes the body and the mind to end this gentle ritual in style.

The colours of the sea
50 - 80 min

Get back into shape and recover your well-being with the revitalizing and slimming principles of seaweed. The ritual consists of an active seaweed and essential oils body wrap combined with a massage on the affected areas. The targeted action on the thighs, glutes and abdomen helps expel toxins and rid the body of excess fluids for a slim, toned, and sensual figure.

Mediterranean breeze
50 - 80 min

The targeted action of Chlorella seaweed is used to formulate a special drainage-enhancing mud that is applied to the whole body. The ritual ends with a massage that helps eliminate excess fluids, giving a feeling of greater lightness and flexibility.

The sky and the sea
80 min

The marked decontracting action of this ritual helps relieve muscle soreness after a game or a workout. The Arnica Montana and Meadowsweet compress and the massage on the back and legs provide an anti-inflammatory action and reduce pain for a pleasant sensation of relief to muscles and joints. The treatment ends with a refreshing decontracting body emulsion from the Almablu line.

The pearl trial
80 min

A complete ritual that restores elasticity and softness to the body, while at the same time providing a special soothing treatment for the face. The initial massage focuses on the back to improve flexibility and prepares the muscles to receive an anti-inflammatory pycnogenol body wrap. Meanwhile, a helichrysum serum and an alginate mask that calm and moisturize the skin caress the face. In addition, this extraordinary ritual offers a moment of pure relaxation with a pleasant citrus-scented hydromassage.

Stopover in Bali
2h 50min

There’s a happy island floating in the beautiful Indonesian archipelago: Bali. Called the Island of the Gods for its legendary serenity, Bali enchants for its landscape, colours and fragrances. Balinese rituals, ancient testimonies of past civilizations, pass down love through the hands and through nature with which they cradle our bodies.

The ritual includes: 
- Light Boreh, a purifying treatment for the body; 
- Aloe and Lavender body wrap; 
- Oceanic floral bath with hibiscus, jasmine, gardenia, rose, ylang ylang; 
- Balinese aromatherapy massage.

The gulf of Sorrento
2h 50min

The symbol of Sorrento, lemons evoke freshness, like the sea breeze on a sunny summer day. In this ritual, sun-kissed Amalfi Coast offers all the beauty and scents of the Mediterranean to enchant the senses. This aromatherapeutic combination is designed to give relaxation and balance to the mind and the body. 

The ritual includes: 
- Facial treatment “Sorrento Breeze”; 
- Smoothing Massage with honey, sugar, and lemons from Sorrento; 
- Mediterranean body wrap; 
- Lemon and Neroli bath; 
- Relaxing aromatherapy massage.

Face ritual - Soin fondamental de la mer
80 min

Facial cleansing 
A carefully tailored treatment to meet the specific needs of every skin type: detoxification, hydration, normalization, and rebalancing.

Face ritual - Source marine
For dry skin 
80 min

This facial lastingly corrects the hydration level of dehydrated skin, deeply nourishes, and restores the skin’s radiance and velvety texture.

Face ritual - Pureté marine
For combination and oily skin 
80 min

Specifically designed for combination to oily skin, this treatment restores freshness and beauty without impurities. Visibly reduces imperfections, redefines pores and controls shine.

Face ritual Cold cream marine
For dry and sensitive skin
80 min

A specific treatment to deeply nourish dry and dehydrated skin. The precious elements help reduce sensitivity in delicate and fragile skin by increasing its resilience.

Anti-aging face ritual Hyalu-procollagène
For expression lines and pronounced wrinkles
80 min

An excellent solution that corrects wrinkles and the signs of skin aging thanks to 3 associated Hyaluronic Acids and to the marine pro-Collagen which fill wrinkles and activate cell renewal. The complexion becomes more radiant, while skin appears rejuvenated and relaxed.

Anti-aging face ritual Prodige des Océans
Anti-aging face toner
80 min

The combination of precious marine and plant extracts make this regenerating and anti-aging treatment unique. Formulated to restore freshness and a youthful appearance to tired and dull skin, it gives the face an instant glow for a beauty without borders.

Anti-aging face ritual Rituel d’excellence anti-age
For deep wrinkles
80 min

A precious alchemy of selected marine active ingredients that reduces wrinkles and relaxes features for an extraordinary anti-aging result. The cellulose mask and the technique used in this ritual offer a real “manual lifting” for a sculpted face.

Body ritual Rituel de pureté "prélude marine"
Exfoliating and detoxifying
50 min

Thanks to the smoothing and skin-purifying effect of natural sea mud from the Dead Sea and precious sea salts, this ritual is a prelude to any body treatment. A deep and detoxifying exfoliation for an intense feeling of relaxation.

Body ritual Soin marin chrono drainant
Lymphatic drainage
50 min

The effective aromatic body wrap with algae and peppermint essential oil, combined with a special drainage-enhancing massage, helps eliminate excess water. In addition to dramatically improving blood and lymphatic circulation, it relieves and contours legs and body.

Body ritual Soin marin chrono minceur icon
50 min

The firming action promoted by the body wrap and the effective strokes used in the massage help reduce the appearance of cellulite and its unsightly “orange peel effect”. The body looks sculpted and the skin more even and relaxed.

Body ritual Rituel Aromacéane
Remise en forme
80 min

This extraordinary remise en forme treatment, performed using either Dead Sea mud or seaweed provides a deep sense of overall well-being thanks to the aromatherapy properties of the purest “Aromacéane” essential oils.

Whirlpool baths in Private Spa Bain Aromacéane
Lymphatic drainage or relaxing
20 min

The blend of cedar and spearmint natural essential oils offers a drainage-enhancing and toning action, while lavender, rose and magnolia essential oils provide a perfect relaxing combination. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can choose to add your preferred blend to the exclusive bath in the whirlpool of the Private Spa.

Whirlpool baths in Private Spa Bain Eau des Lagons
20 min

This bath in the private beachfront Jacuzzi evokes the abundance of the island of Mahina in the Polynesian Lagoon. Precious water lily extracts and delicate citrus essential oils relax the mind and offer prodigious hydration to the body.

Whirlpool baths in Private Spa Bain de Lait
20 min

A scrumptious, romantic and relaxing fragrant milk bath in the enchanting setting of the Private Spa overlooking the sea. A sensory journey that thanks to its scents becomes an invitation to try an experience of absolute well-being. It softens and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

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