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When asked what to see in Treviso, a visit to some of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the foothill’s province cannot be missed:
– Asolo, an artistic village in the hills;
– Cison di Valmarino, where you can get lost among Venetian villas and Prosecco vineyards and participate in the Artigianato Vivo exhibition;
– Follina, in the Alta Marca area;
– Portobuffolè, with its beautiful Prà dei Gai.

The prosecco road from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene
Treviso is the home of Prosecco and the possibilities for food and wine tours are numerous.
If you want to mix culture and food and wine, set off on the Prosecco route to try Treviso wines starting with the famous Prosecco and lose yourself among the beautiful vineyards of the Marca land.

Conegliano and its surroundings offer many places to admire with unique views:
– Molinetto della Croda: is located in Refrontolo and can be reached with a short walk through the woods.
– Conegliano Castle: located in the highest part of the city and has all the charm of a true medieval castle.
– The Revine Lakes: two beautiful lakes, Lago di Lago and Lago di Santa Maria, perfect for a regenerating break.
– The banks of the Piave: beautiful gravel banks, very wide in summer, offer various possibilities for refreshment and relaxation surrounded by nature.

Tiramisu di Treviso, wines, and other local specialties
Treviso is a land of taste! Here the tiramisu is born (a must try for those who pass by the city!) And an excellent white and red wine is produced, special varieties of vegetables, one of all the famous late radicchio. The entire province includes small businesses dedicated to the preservation of local culinary traditions such as the delicatessen in Cison di Valmarino or the Perenzin dairy.

Any suggestions for wine tasting? Here are tips to start feeling already with the glass in hand:
– Tasting of Torchiato di Fregona Piera Dolza, Boschera and Grappa di Torchiato at the Fregona Appassimento Center: in addition to the exquisite products you can also enjoy a visit to a spectacular winery.
Prosecco tasting in Farra di Soligo, in an organic winery surrounded by vineyards.

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