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Conveniently departing from Lido di Jesolo, bike tours are the ideal solution for those who wish to discover less known and less crowded areas. Visiting the lagoon on two wheels allows bikers to come into contact with the soul of a land where nature has always played the starring role.

Almar offers its guests e-bike and mountain bike rental and recommends 5 itineraries, sorted by length and difficulty, to discover the environment and its distinctive features.

Jesolo paese-lagoon

Ride length 3-5 hours.

The shortest among the recommended routes, about fifty kilometers long, the Jesolo Paese-Lagoon trail, which passes through Jesolo Paese and ends in Lio Maggiore, will enchant you with breathtaking landscapes: Torre del Caligo, which in the old days guarded the channels leading to the lagoon and the nearby cultivated countryside, is a must stop.

Tour of the lagoon

Ride length 4 ½-6 hours.

If you are looking for suggestions for an afternoon of relaxation exploring the Cavallino peninsula, the Laguna Tour is the perfect choice. This route, almost entirely on paved road, will help you discover some of the lagoon’s best-hidden gems such as the mouth of the river Sile, the Cavallino dam and Lio Piccolo, a small ancient village with a breathtaking view of the Venice Lagoon where you can visit the Vettor Pisani Battery.

Tour of the waters

Ride length 5-7 hours.

Being surrounded by salt water from the sea and fresh water from the river: an opportunity waiting to be seized with the Tour of the Waters, which crosses the intersection of the Piave Vecchia and Piave Nuova, an interesting site that bears the mark of the deviation created by the Republic of Venice in the mid-seventeenth century to fend off the dangers of frequent floods: the section at Caposile was then used to receive the waters of the river Sile, while the Piave was made to flow into an estuary east of Cortellazzo.

The route along the Piave Vecchia will allow you to admire the spectacular natural environment of these areas, where even today flora and fauna coexist in harmony as an integrated whole.

The enchanting Venice lido

Ride length 5-8 hours.

The perfect itinerary for experienced cyclists starts in Jesolo Lido and ends in Pellestrina, with the opportunity of including a stop at the Island of Sant’Erasmo, also known as vegetable garden of Venice. When you get to Punta Sabbioni, take the boat to Santa Maria Elisabetta and ride approximately 10 km until you reach the Alberoni, a narrow strip of land at the southern end of Venice Lido. This is the first in a series of memorable stops: if you take the boat again, in fact, you can reach Santa Marina del Mare and end in Pellestrina, an enchanting and silent island where time seems to have stopped, the perfect destination to conclude your bike excursion in the most evocative way.

From Caorle to the "Casoni"

Ride length 6-8 hours.

Our last itinerary, from Caorle to the casoni, is perfect for those who want to explore the nearby attractions, and offers an opportunity to stumble upon incredible natural wonders. Cycling through Cortellazzo all the way to Porto Santa Margherita, nature lovers will be entranced by the relaxing and beguiling pristine environment of the Laguna del Mort, with its wild beach and crystal clear sea that evoke unique magical feelings. The old town of Caorle and the casoni of Falconera, the traditional fishermen thatched houses in the Caorle lagoon, are also located nearby.

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