A sea of activities

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Sea and outdoor lovers can choose among a large array of activities: a paddleboat ride with friends, a full day aboard a sailboat or kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddling), as well as volleyball tournaments on the beach.
Balancing on a surfboard is no easy task, but definitely worth a try: out on the open sea, surrounded by a captivating environment, you can experience the calm waters of the Adriatic all around you. Stand on a surfboard paddling like a gondolier, or challenge your friends to a standup paddle ride, for an unforgettable experience that you won’t regret!


Located just a few minutes from Almar, the water park Caribe Bay gives you the opportunity to launch yourself at full speed from the world’s highest water slide, or swirl sitting in an inflatable donuts, or relax by the swimming pool surrounded by Caribbean sand and crystal clear waters.

Scuba diving enthusiasts cannot miss the opportunity to dive in Jesolo: the seabed offers unexpected surprises that will leave you speechless! The incredible variety of sea life hidden in the Tignue (shoals) or in the wrecks that you encounter during your diving experiences, which vary according to the weather, distance and visibility, will amaze you with a rainbow of colors; Sponges, corals, shells, crustaceans and fish: the scenarios will be truly surprising.

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