Ideas for shopping lovers

Calmaggiore is the best-known street of Treviso with its state houses and the many shops under the arcades, a meeting and walking destination for the entire Treviso community.

Via Calmaggiore connects the political dimension to the religious one through an atmospheric walk that allows you to admire the windows of elegant boutiques or typical shops in that union between past and present that characterizes the city of Treviso.

In the Middle Ages, the road symbolically connected the two centres of power, the cathedral, seat of spiritual power, and the Palazzo della Signoria (flanked by the Domus Nova Communis, “the new municipal palace”, now known as the Palazzo dei Trecento), the centre of the temporal power.

On both sides of the street and along its entire length there are numerous frescoed buildings both on the facades and inside the arcades, a pleasure for the soul and not just for shopping enthusiasts.

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