The smaller Islands

The smaller Islands

Not only the city itself but also the small islands around Venice are small gems set in the lagoon that show significant evidence of art and culture.

The ferry runs from San Zaccaria to San Lazzaro degli Armeni, an island in the Venice lagoon near the west coast of the Lido, completely occupied by a monastery, the motherhouse of the Mekhitarist order. 

This is one of the world’s first centers of Armenian culture, filled with the remnants of an ancient civilization.

If you shift your gaze from St. Mark’s square you will find yourself looking at the island of San Giorgio, located a few dozen meters from the Giudecca Island.

A small cultural jewel known mainly for the Palladian church and for the Giorgio Cini Foundation, which has been hosting exhibitions and shows, conferences and awards, including the annual Italian literary prize “Premio Campiello” for many years.
Situated between Sant’Erasmo and Burano, San Francesco del Deserto extends for four hectares, an oasis of peace and silence that houses a convent of friars minor, originally founded by St. Frances himself.
San Servolo, located at the intersection of the Orfano, San Nicolò and Lazzaretto canals, can only be visited with a guide. Now home to the Venice International University, it was for centuries a hospital for clerics, for the military and eventually a mental asylum.

If just travel a little further north-east of Venice, not far from the Lido, you will find yourself surrounded by the enchanting nature of the Certosa island, which is separated from the Vignole island by a 20-meter-wide channel. Thanks to the rich variety of plant life that grows on this little islet, Certosa island is considered a true environmental asset.

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