Your private Spa Experience

The Private Spa is Almablu’s hidden gem

The exclusive setting of your wellness moments, where you will rediscover your personal rhythm by letting go of all tensions and by savoring every minute of the precious time dedicated to yourself.

The large window looking out to the sea lights up the over 36 sq m cabin, where design furnishings draw their inspiration from marine elements to recreate a contemplative environment designed to restore balance to your body and spirit.

The pleasant fragrance that evokes the freshness of salty water, the knots of the tree branches that the stream carries to shore as if they were paintings to be admired, the gentle rocking of the waves on the horizon and the synergy of soft and rhythmic movements.

An experience to be enjoyed together, with a gratifying couples massage inspired by traditional Chinese medicine or with an exclusive Almablu face or boy treatment to restore balance, harmony and well-being.

Choose to fully embrace the Almablu experience with a personalized package in our Private Spa. The private steam bath, magnificent hot tub and relaxation area conclude your Private Spa Experience, satisfying your spirit and leaving your body regenerated. Enjoy the time spent together and indulge in the sensations offered by the view of the sunset over the sea from an exclusive location.

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