Sport activities in Treviso

Sile cycle path

From Casale to Treviso, a recently inaugurated naturalistic cycle path, to discover enchanting corners of art, history, and nature.
Along the way you will touch some of the most evocative places in the Marca land, such as the Burci Cemetery, ancient boats sunk in fresh water, or the beautiful Restera.
There is not only the Sile greenway to cross the Treviso area: Treviso Ostiglia is also very popular! Castelfranco Veneto represents a strategic position for cycling and connects many provinces of the Veneto. The Sile regional park is also suitable for pleasant paddling in a kayak or Canadian canoe, for rafting (ideal for families) but also for sailing in electric boats, houseboats.
In short, there is something for everyone!

Montello and Monte Grappa by bike

Montello is a wooded hill, maintained as a wood reserve since the time of the Serenissima.
Venice is based on wooden stilts that came from the trees of Montello, always cared for and replanted.
With the exception of the turbulent period of the Great War of 15-18, Montello has always stood out as a place of spiritual peace and still today it is possible to admire fascinating relics that are encountered in the paths of the woods.
With bike tours on Montello you can visit the entire area, even allowing yourself some tasty break! The ascent of Monte Grappa is very famous for the Tour of Italy and loved by amateur and professional cyclists.
With an electric bicycle, Monte grappa can also accommodate less trained cyclists and discover breath-taking views.

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