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Explore more summer destinations surrounded by water and immersed in nature, just a few kilometers from Jesolo: Caorle, Cavallino, Lio Piccolo.

The breathtaking views of the lagoon and the bike path along the water’s edge make the route from Jesolo to Cavallino particularly evocative; a little further ahead the trail leads to the famous Lio Piccolo, where you will come face to face with the striking scenery created by the sky reflecting on the water, combined with the colors of the vegetation that emerges among velme (marsh surfaces) and sandbanks.

Finally, this full-day excursion ends with a visit to the Vettor Pisani Battery to learn more about the history of this town, once a prominent location of the Great War.


A visit to Caposile, Jesolo and the Salsi is perfect for those who wish to explore the river, the countryside and the fishing valleys: the riverine environment unveils, in fact, its incredible beauty created by the luxuriant nature that, despite the presence of humans, adorns its banks and perennially flowing waters.
You and the Venice lagoon, with its marginal lands full of charm and secrets, will be the star of this itinerary.

Caorle historic center

Equally fascinating is also the historic center of Caorle, a seaside resort characterized by low-rise houses in bright colors, shops and districts. Rio Terrà della Botteghe is one of the most popular outdoor hangout spots in Caorle, while the cathedral of Santo Stefano and the majestic cylindrical bell tower, which has always been a symbol of the city, represents its historical and cultural identity.

The historic center is home to a wide variety of shops that sell souvenirs, clothing, food and wine products as well as local handicrafts.

Caorle's casoni

In addition, along the Petronia promenade, you will have the opportunity to experience a walk of art with «Scogliera Viva», a unique gallery of sculptures carved from blocks of rock that protect the town center. There is certainly no shortage of cycle routes to continue the exploration of the territory: starting from the sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo, the first route unfolds around the city and the lagoon and leads to the discovery of the silent world of the wetlands and the “casoni”, the traditional fishermen thatched houses in the lagoon of Caorle, built with wood and reed.

Other routes, instead, lead to the outskirts of Caorle: to the port of Santa Margherita, or along the river Livenza, or to Marango where you can visit Villa Franchetti, once Hemingway’s vacation home. Eraclea, a small town overlooking the gulf of Venice, is also within easy reach; alternatively, follow the last route around Valle Vecchia, a special protection area.

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