Postural Training

The Sun and the Sand

Continuous posture monitoring is virtually impossible: Almar Jesolo has created this special Wellness Package to train your body to maintain a healthy posture thanks to The Sun and the Sand.

The perfect treatment for those who live a sedentary lifestyle and for those who practice sport at a competitive level, The Sun and the Sand will allow you to re-educate the body to perform any movement accurately and to assume the right postures in everyday life through exercises aimed at restoring muscle balance.
Indulge in two full days of well-being with a wide range of activities and targeted treatments that will help you improve your posture while enjoying the pleasure of walking barefoot on the sand.

The Sun and The Sand package includes:

  • 1 static postural assessment per room with our Postural Gym instructor to learn the program and outline the exercises most suitable to your needs. Our knowledgeable instructor will also be able to provide valuable tips on how to enjoy the many benefits of Postural Training at home after your stay;
  • two 50-minute private sessions of postural training per room: enjoy spectacular views of the sea from the Almar gym as you execute your personalized workout routine, which will help you rediscover joint mobility and increase tissue elasticity through a series of bodyweight and suspension training exercises.
  • One 50-minute postural massage Between the sun’s rays and the wind’s essence per person. According to Chinese Medicine, the front part of the body embodies the protector, infinitely linked to light, symbolically the sun’s rays, of a correct lifestyle. Optimal posture is the result of the balance between the anterior and posterior muscle chains mediated by the central nervous system: it is, metaphorically speaking, the ability to stand upright and steady, in spite of the forces that push us toward change, namely the wind. Finally, the essence represents the bone and joint systems that enable us to move around. By acting on the three cavities that correct posture, starting from the head, through the chest down to the pelvis, postural massage therapy goes a long way toward restoring energy balance to the whole body and ensuring posture improvement.
  • One 50-minute postural reflexology massage Footprints in the Sand per person. Sand is one of nature’s most suitable elements for posture improvement and walking on the beach while enjoying the gentle caressing of waves is one of the most effective posture correcting techniques. Looking at your footprints will allow you to understand if and how much you force your way through life, thus experiencing feelings of heaviness or lightness. The use of acupressure techniques in the plantar area stimulates all the meridians connected to the other organs and systems in the body. The spine reflex points, in fact, follow the line of the outside edge of the foot which, with appropriate stimulation, can help improve poor posture.

Almar’s services also included for you:

  • Lavish breakfast buffet served every morning from 7.30am to 10.30am at Mediterra Restaurant;
  • Admission to the wellness area of the award-winning Spa Almablu, spread over 2,000 square meters;
  • Private beach and a 70-meter outdoor swimming pool, partially covered and heated to 3 different temperatures;
  • Complimentary use of the gym and group fitness classes: Pilates, postural training, T’ai Chi, Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga;
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection;
  • Private garage with valet parking;
  • Free bicycle rental.

This special package requires a 3-night minimum stay.
Offer subject to availability and valid from May 21st until November 7th, 2020.

However, please note that opening hours and the operations procedures of some services, such as the SPA, Front Desk and Food and Beverage may be subject to change due to the health regulations that will be implemented, also by law, in order to safeguard the health of our Guests and our Staff.

CANCELLATION POLICY – Cancellation free of charge up to 3 days before the arrival date, within 4 pm (local time). In case of cancellation and/or changes made after the deadline, no show or early departure, the 50% of the reservation will be charged.